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Magnolia Angels Healthcare Staffing, LLC is an employment staffing agency basic out of Indianapolis, IN that specializes in the placement of temporarytemp-to-hire and permanent staffing for office personnel. Our clients include nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and government subcontractors. Job assignments may be scheduled for short term or long term with hourly rates determined based on experience needed and duties performed. Extended temporary assignments provide our clients with the option to hire our temporary staff members through prorated permanent placement fees.

Whether a company inside the Indianapolis or surrounding area needs help on a temporary basis or a permanent hire, Magnolia Angels Healthcare Staffing, LLC  can help that company identify and hire the best available talent. We offer expertise, experience, an in-place network of contacts and a host of other benefits that save clients the time and money involved with conducting extensive job searches


We pride ourselves on providing a rapid response to client needs, and driving delivery of care to consistently exceed expectations. Our skilled staffing coordinators are ready to provide a rapid response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet planned or urgent staffing needs.

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